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                             ENERGY-SAVING PUMPS



With the ever-rising cost of electricity, swimming pool owners can use a break.

       -    Swimming pool pump and motor manufacturers have a variety of new products that save you money!

Pumps running at lower speeds save electricity, last longer and run more quietly.

      -    Call us to begin the discussion about what options would be the most beneficial for your pool!



The least expensive and simplest innovation is two-speed pumps:

- the high speed runs at the normal speed for pool pumps, which is 3,450 Rotations-Per-Minute (RPM).

- the low speed runs at half of normal speed, or 1,750 RPM.

- A swimming pool pump running at half of its normal speed can move half of its normal flow.

- A swimming pool pump running at half of its normal speed only uses one-eighth of its normal energy requirement.

- If you run your pool pump twice as long and at half speed you will move all the water necessary to keep your pool water clean and safe.

- Your energy use is now only one-quarter of before.  That is a 75% reduction in energy use!



-least expensive

-simple to install

-switch speeds with a toggle switch

-rapid payback


-speeds are fixed, no adjustment capabilities

-some pools will not prime on low speed

-many solar heaters and cleaners require high speed

-may require a secondary time clock to control speeds


Variable speed pumps require a higher initial investment, but have more capabilities and can yield greater savings.

     - Variable speed pumps usually have a minimum of four speeds.

     - The speeds are all adjustable for the greatest efficiency of each pool function.

     - Some variable pumps have built-in controllers, so timeclocks are not needed.

     - Most variable speed pumps can be readily integrated with existing pool automation systems.

     - Some pumps are available with Safety Vacuum Release Systems (SVRS) to prevent suction entrapment.

     - Microprocessor-controlled pumps can adjust automatically to your pool and monitor pool conditions.



-greatest energy savings

-most quiet operation

-can perform multiple functions

-can usually handle cleaners, water features, etc.


-higher initial investment

-may require additional hardware with existing systems

-more complex to integrate with other systems



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