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Call now for a free pool evaluation and service quotation.

Call Barb Sinclair At:

(561) 213-1153

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What can a pool owner do to protect their pool and family?

Contract year-round service to a pool service professional.

Empty skimmer basket in between serviceman's visits.

Keep all foreign objects out of the pool.  Most objects left in the pool for any length of time will stain the pool plaster and cause unnecessary repair bills.

Get on an algaecide program with your service professional during the warmer months.

Keep water at the proper level, usually in the middle of the skimmer opening.

  • Too high water level prevents the skimmer from removing debris from the pool surface.
  • Too low water level causes the skimmer to suck air and can damage the pump and filter.

Run the circulation and filtration system for at least the minimum number of hours per day.

  • Most residential pools were designed to require eight hours of daily circulation.
  • You may need to run longer hours during periods of heavy use or summer heat.

Replace your cartridge filter, or clean your DE filter regularly per the manufacturer's recommendations.

  • An older, stained and dirty unit will not filter as designed and can allow dirt and other contaminants back into your pool.
  • DE filters should be disassembled and cleaned at least annually.
  • Cartridge filters should be replaced once or twice a year, depending on your pool's situation, amount of use and amount of debris falling into the pool.

Repair any leaks promptly.  Even a small leak can make it impossible to maintain the proper water chemistry and sanitizer levels.

  • Improper water chemistry can rapidly lead to destruction of the pool plaster and equipment.
  • Inability to maintain sanitizer levels can lead to algae blooms and unsafe conditions with dangerous quantities of bacteria and other disease-causing organisms in your pool.

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