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Call now for a free pool evaluation and service quotation.

Call Barb Sinclair At:

(561) 213-1153

or email:


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  • Is your pool safe? 

  • Are you aware of any hazards in and around your pool? 

  • Do you want to prevent injuries or worse around your pool?

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  • We advise about your fencing and enclosures’ compliance with Code.

    • Fencing should be 48" high at a minimum to keep small children from climbing over.

    • Gaps between rails in fences should be no more than 4" wide, to keep small children from slipping through.

    • There should be no cross pieces in the fencing or furniture near the fence that children can use to climb over.

  • We inspect your skimmers and drains for possible entrapment hazards.  Broken or missing covers can be very dangerous.  There are four different ways that a swimmer can be entrapped:

    • Hair entrapment is the most common and most deadly, and occurs when hair passes through an outlet cover and then entangles, locking the head to the cover.

    • Limb entrapment happens when the cover is missing or broken and a limb is held in the plumbing due to suction.

    • Body entrapment happens when part of a body is held against an outlet and forms a seal.  Evisceration/disembowelment can occur.

    • Mechanical entrapment is when something attached to the swimmer, like jewelry or a bathing suit gets caught below the water.

  • We can install a vacuum breaker to stop suction when a possible entrapment occurs.

  • We notify you of unsafe conditions, such as loose tiles, on your deck.

  • All of these things can make your pool more safe, but never forget:

    • Children should ALWAYS be supervised in and around the pool!

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